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A cold day at Ravens Nest

I haven’t been fishing very much  over the last few months due to illness, most of the time has been at the vice tying orders of flies for customers and filling my own fly boxes. Today was one of the first trips of the year the two previous had been to lechlade plenty of fish around the 8lb mark had been caught but today was to be a little quieter and a far shorter journey.
        Arriving at the fishery I could see the top pool has silted up quite badly so armed with two 10 ft 6w fly rods a floating and aqualux  intermediate we started  on the bottom pool . Morgan was in to a fish first cast on a flexi floss cat bug and I followed suit quickly with a caddis pupa. The fish were quite deep hardly surprising with the temperature  being 3° C and a cold wind blowing. The morning saw a steady stream of fish to around 3lb falling to sunburst blobs chamois  worms bugs and caddis patterns, this afternoon we moved to the middle pool and the intermediate line with a black cheaper or tricolour cat put my total number of fish at 12 and Morgan’s at 10 before we beat a hasty retreat to the warmth the car for a warm up and a coffee .



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