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Dever Springs


Dever springs is  a world renowned big fish water drawing people from all over the country with the promise of the oportunity to land a 20lb plus brown or rainbowtrout. During the early part of April the oportunity arose to to make the two and a half hour journey to Dever where I shared a father and son ticket with my son Morgan and our good friend Neil Matson, the few days before the trip were spent in the tying room frantickly filling boxes with barbed patterns go cover all eventualities. A little bit out of the norm for me as I dont use barbed hooks but being a catch and kill water only with no C&R it seemed a viable option to create some dedicated boxes for making these infrequent trips to Dever,Lechlade and the like.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit this stunning and picturesque Hampshire stillwater ,I can only urge you to make the most of the first oportunity you get.
Spring lake is at the top of the complex the smaller of the two and gin clear holding rainbow and brown trout to the mid twenties. Willow lake being the larger lake holding rainbows only and carrying a little more colour really is one of the nicest lakes I have fished.
         Setting up tenft 7# outfits all three of us started out on willow lake fishing our way around the lake as we went, stopping to have a look in the stock pools on our way. Some of the fish browns especially are some of the biggest trout I have ever seen, there were lots of fish rising but we didn’t manage to tempt any to the dries the most productive fly of the day was the lime head Humungus and the cut throat damzel. Although no real big fish were taken the fish we caught fought like steam trains and kept us busy throughout the day.




We will deffinately be making the trip again a superb day out .

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